It started as an idea I had a year ago. I didn’t even know it would materialize. I just kept thinking about it and the next thing you know it happened. My High School class is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary three years from now. recently realized that it is time that I give back to those who really mattered to me, use my talent for a worthy cause and celebrate the shortness of life, the joy of being alive, with the longevity of friendships that I have cultivated for almost 30 years.

Enter Synore: my bestfriend since 9th grade.

When she called me up to tell me she has some business to do in NYC, I didn’t hesitate to accommodate her. It was an opportune time. I knew that this is a rare moment to pursue my project. At least once in a man’s lifetime, he should have his portrait taken. I’ve been taking pictures of my HS friends ever since we were young, why not now when I am already a pro photographer?

So a month before Synore arrived, I already made plans. Part of the plan is to take an on-location shoot of her portrait throughout New York City. Of course it wasn’t easy. It involves heavy lifting, time management, logistical organization and networking with the right people. In short, we pulled it off.

This wasn’t my first time. I am a pro and one thing I love most is shooting on location. But because Synore isn’t just my client, but also a friend, this put me in a tricky position to balance my professional side with my personal side. The fulfilment of each project doesn’t depend on the photographer alone. It actually depends on how the client enjoy the moment.

It is a domino effect. If you plan ahead, everything will be smooth. When everything is smooth, your client would enjoy. When your client enjoys, you will get the best photos because happy people projects confidence. There are no stress. No anxiety. Only smiles.

This once in a lifetime portrait, according to my bestie, was worth the trouble. As a photographer I enjoyed our shoot, got the shots that I wanted and proved my theory that photography is ageless and genderless. It is for everyone no matter how old you are or how unique you are.

Everyone is beautiful. I see each person as an image of God. Thus, every person has a divine image in her / him.

As a photographer, my number one job is not taking pictures, but rather, building that unique image.

That once in a lifetime portrait Synore was talking about, came out beautifully. Below are some of the Portraits I took of her in World Trade Center, Oculus, Downtown Manhattan and in my studio in Queens. Next week will be the part two. I am saving the best for last.