Shane is very easy to work with as she can easily pull off a glamshot without a sweat. Shane has no prior experience in modelling or in fashion portraiture but her poses were like cut outs from a fashion magazine. She actually proved my theory that at your 40s and 50s you can still pull it off without looking like someone in drag.

At first I didn’t approve what she wanted to wear but she pulled it off on the day of our shoot. As a photographer, I am not only hired to be your shooter. I am also, in perspective, serves as the defacto stylist, production designer, producer and critique all rolled into one. Thus the immense value of having a pro photographer to help you pull off a glamshot.

Pulling off a glamshot is not a 1, 2, 3 scenario. It’s messy in the background. People walking here and there and the also the uncertainty of weather all play a role in the shoot. But nevertheless, the burden of all these becomes light if your model or subject is as resilient as a bamboo.

Models would agree with me that pulling of a glamshot in the middle of a busy Manhattan park takes not only courage and balls, but also immense confidence.

So how do you pull off a glamshot at your 40s and 50s, one might wonder?

  1. You listen to your photographer. Photographer sees the scenes you are at. So if you listen to the the instruction it will be easier for both of you to do the shoot. The easier the shoot the shorter it will take to capture the desired photos.
  2. Release your inhibitions. It would never work if you are a model who have limitations. For artistry, the Photographer can ask you to lie down on the floor. If you are inhibited then you are restricting creative input from the artist you hired. Therefore, always be ready for every given situations.
  3. and lastly, claim the shoot with confidence. Do not be shy. You are there to shoot. Shed your other hats. At that moment claim yourself to be a model. Thus this will yield you confidence. the more confidence you show, the more it would be visible on the camera.

Shane’s glamshot was pulled off not only because of my camera but also her immense confidence both to herself and to the photographer. Nevertheless, despite the professional boundaries, we were able to enjoy the shoot. Truth was, it never felt work. It felt more like a joyful play.

Congrats to Shane Train, my bestfriend in HS for pulling off a glamshot, a once in a lifetime at that. My 30th Portrait project officially started: One down, dozens of selected friends and classmates still to go.

Rom Matibag Headshots would like to thank Jacob Cohen of the Highline Corporation for giving us special access to the park for the shoot and also to Irving Vaughn and Dilan for their fantastic Hair and Make-up for Shane.

And here is Shane’s official Project Headshot that will soon go to the unofficial YEARBOOK which I would print and distribute among my selected friends and classmates. A celebration of more than 30 years of true friendship.