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Build Your Personal Brand with a

In the age of Social Media and digital technology, personal branding is very essential especially if you are an influencer, a businessman, an author or a performer. Personal brand is a must if you are mostly involved in public exposure or whose clientele are also in the public domain.

On the side of the fence is the private life. Individuals or families who want their portraits taken especially during special occasions like holidays and reunions, are also in need of not just a good photographer, but also someone who is creative enough to capture that special moment where the family members are gathered in one memorable portrait. A lasting proof of a wonderful family relationship.

ROMATIBAG PORTRAITS help individuals or group attain their specific goals by having their personal and commercial brands a face in the form of portraitures.

ROM MATIBAG offer different packages and sessions to met every client needs.

Studio Portrait

STUDIO PORTRAIT is shot inside a studio with lights and gears and applicable background. It can be for a Seniors Photo, Personal Branding, Commercial Portrait, Kids Portrait, Fashion Shoot, Commercial Shoot, Cosplay Portrait, Pet Portrait etc.

Outdoor Portrait

OUTDOOR PORTRAIT is shot outside the studio and usually travel or meet with the client on-location where the shoot will be shot. Best for Seniors Photo, Commercial Portrait, Maternity Portrait, Quincenieras, Debutantes, Prom Portraits, Cosplay Portraits and Kids Portrait

Couples Portrait

COUPLES PORTRAIT is custom-tailored for couples who are needing photography service during their Engagement, Prenuptial Portrait, Anniversary Portrait or Wedding proposals. This can be shot in studio or on-location

Family Portrait

FAMILY OR GROUP PORTRAIT is best for family or groups of 3 or more members. It can be a Holiday Portrait, Reunion Portrait, Christmas Portrait, School Portrait, Mother-Daughter Portrait, Father-Daughter Portrait, Prom Portraits and many more

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