It was my first time to actually attend the event. Coming from Los Angeles and just moved here in New York, you can probably imagine that I would be a SDCC guy. But no, this was actually my first. And one of the best experience at that. As a professional photographer I was surprised that every cosplayer were so generous in their poses and were all game in having their photos taken. I was culture shocked. Mostly if you go to the streets people would kill you if you take their photos. But in NYCC everyone was ready. Comic Cons are probably the biggest fashion event in the world. I got tired just taking everyone’s photos. I could imagine the exhaustion of these cosplayers. And yet they are truly heroes. Smiling in front of the cameras and posing with those heavy costumes is not a joke. If they are not considered heroes in their own right, I don’t know what they are. In the two days of attendance I never found any cosplayer who refuse to take her or his picture, oh except one. 

Actually there was one. I bumped into an old lady dressed in her costume who doesn’t want to be photographed unless you are from the National Geographic or the New York Times. I don’t know why she is there in the first place. The event is for ordinary people, geeks and fans alike. It is not for paparazzi’s on the red carpet. My take is, if you don’t want to be photographed, do not attend or wear any costume, and put a big cardboard sign on your neck that says: KILL JOY

Anyhow, why did it took me all these years to attend for the first time the Con. Simple. It wasn’t my priority at that time. In previous years I was busy with studying and other hats (as my career). I wasnt ready. I a pop-culture geek and anything addictive such as the New York Comic Con will definitely derail my concentration and ruin my focus. Now that I am done with all the page turning and eyebrows burning, I finally got to enjoy it.

The New York Comic Con missed this year 2020 for the very first time in its long history since its first recorded event back in 1965. As I am writing this, I get to think what life would be in pop-culture New York without the comic con.

The lights dimmed and the door closed at Javits center but it would probably get back soon… maybe next year. I hope.