This is probably not the NYCC 2021 Best Cosplays because there are hundreds of them which I wasn’t able to capture on my camera. The shear size of the Javits Convention center and the number of attendees makes it impossible to take photos of everyone. But subjective as it may seem, these lists of cosplayers was for me the best there is. I have my reasons.

Last NYCC 2019, I had a long list of NYCC best Cosplays which I realized were too convoluted. So this year, I made sure that the cosplayers on my book tick the boxes on my list. Although not everyone made it on my list (and I don’t think anyone would even care), but I am sincere in saying this that everyone who came to Javits for those four days in costumes deserve a big pat on the back.

I said this so many times before, Cosplayers are the unsung heroes of the pop culture world. They make our childhood heroes come to life, our favorite movie characters alive and gives us joy whenever we see our favorite heroes and characters in real life. Plus the effort that these cosplayers put just to give us a show is very impressive.

This year I divided my NYCC 2021 Best Cosplays into six lists.

The Classic Cosplays

One reason why these cosplays work is the familiarity it brings to their audience. They are all time favorites that doesn’t seem to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm towards the characters they play regardless of the simplicity or sophistication of their costumes.

Batman has been one of the favorites but this was the first time I actually saw someone wore this version of the Dark Knight and that the cosplayer is very tall at that.

Who would not recognize her from the Fifth Element?

Ursula minus her tentacles
Ahh who would ever ignore the friendly neighborhood Spider-man?

Although her mask and costume is a bit loose but she can whopper a whiplash with out hitting your eyelash… and it’s always sexy to see Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in real life.

Convincing Cosplays

These are the cosplayers who momentarily made me forget that they are only in costumes. They play the role so well that most of the times I actually thought they are the real thing. It’s not always the costume that makes a cosplayer convincing, it involves many factors. Costume may play a big part of it but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

His moves were very monkian that I actually thought he was the real Monkey King.

I literally stopped this guy from his tracks just to take a photo of him. The costume and his demeanor made it work so well.

The stance alone makes you convince that he is Bucky.

They / them (thank you for the correction). They still look awesome.

You don’t need to recognize her character. The stare alone can convince you that she’s a real heroine.

This King George Cosplay from Hamilton convinced me so much that I almost asked him to sing.

Her playful personality and demeanor makes her one of the best Harley Quinn in the Cosplay world.

he came with a partner…

and they both pulled it off

The Child doll adds touch to the cosplay but without it he can be already convincing as a Mandalorian..

The abs speaks for itself…

At first glance you actually thought a barbarian got lost in time…

Beauty and Grace

The intricacies of their costumes plus the beauty their portray makes them a show stopper at the 2021 NYCC Cosplay floor at Javits. Most of they they made the costumes themselves and the most impressive thing about it is, they carry it with such beauty and grace.

This lady puts the Squid Game into shame…
Is she a chandelier who killed a dozen chicken? who knows. But she is definitely a stunner.
She is an experienced cosplayer with the grace and beauty exuding
Poison Ivy is no match for this Flora Cosplayer

Cruella is portrayed in the Disney cartoons as a washed up ugly old villainess but this one can give Emma Stone a run for her money.
Okay if you don’t know her character just say “Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.”

The Most Innovative

Not only did they exude the X-factor, but they also did some innovation in their costumes.

Those gadgets and wirings are literally from junk which he recycled and spray painted.
Those wings that open is powered by a motor from a toy.
That is not your ordinary grandma’s lace.
Those are actual tablets and ipads
This guy will surprise you with his smoke machine hidden in his staff
The wings are gorgeous
Those Christmas lights around her are to die for
Those LEDS change colors.
I mean that helmet is effing cool
An oversize couch sweater, green ears, green hair and a Yoda mask does the trick

The Wow Factor

These are the Cosplays that have a category of their own. They leave you in awe and make you blurt “wow” as they strut in the Javits center. Absolute awesomeness.

Reminds me of the Witch King of Agmar in the Lord of the Rings

That headpiece is really intriguing. I mean how many Rhinos died with those horns?

Its Wonder Woman and Batman’s love child reared and nurtured by a moose

She literally looks like she came from a Japanese Anime
Halo is so cool
As if my Disney talking action figure came to life
The quality of fabric he used in his costume is very detailed and intricate.
I have no idea. But this is 2021 NYCC’s Best.
What voodoo nightmare are made off
This is his own interpretation of Superman. White armor and Gold emblem. Cool
The costume was made entirely by the father. What’s impressive is that this is a young girl. Almost fooled me. And wait till you ask her to make those power poses.

My Favorites

And finally my favorites. I really enjoyed taking their photos. These Cosplayers really impressed me.

He looks like a crossover between a gladiator and a Viking. Wait till you see how tall and big he is. Very imposing stature.

She just made this character up.
She nailed it. The 80’s Baroness of GI Joe.
I literally wanted to see the face behind the mask. You would forget that an actual human being is behind the alien cosplay.
If you want to do it right, count on an Asian girl to do an anime cosplay. She was spot on.
Boba Fett or Jango Fett? Who cares? Both are awesome.
My 90’s childhood won’t be complete without the 90’s Wolverine.
Spidey in full punk metal.
Wait till she whip your ass
This guy is a dead ringer for Thor.
And yes, the Queen of the Damned came back to life.

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