After two months of re-painting and renovation on this adjacent unit on my apartment building, I just opened my small and modest private studio for my photography clients. I used to dream and wish about this a couple of years ago. I never imagined I would be able to put up my own studio. Although I enjoyed renovating this small room, but it was never easy. It was a tough job to handle.

The unit wasn’t in good condition when I got it. I spent hours removing left-over nails and screws on the walls and ceiling and then plugging them with plaster before the painful task of coating them with layers of primer and paint, not to mention cleaning the dirty wooden floors until it was shiny and bright. After my ordeal, I suffered a mild back muscle strain which left me bed-ridden for a week. But seeing it right now, it was all worth the pain. I

Custom fitting my studio with new gears and lights, backdrops and hardware will surely come next. One click at a time.

It’s surreal that in this tiny cell-like studio, beautiful images will soon be created.. I can’t wait to welcome my first client to my humble studio. Humble beginnings to greater end.