Less than a week of the BLM protest, news outlet broke the news that there were riots and lootings going on all over the country. New York was not spared. The night of June 1st, the first looting began in Brooklyn and later in Manhattan. On my way to work, early morning the next day, I stopped by midtown to personally witness the aftermath of the incident. At this point, lockdown was still in place and NYC is still weeks before the re-opening. It was disheartening to see the damage that was brought upon in these establishments and small businesses. The Pandemic has caused tremendous impact on these businesses and now this. In Brooklyn most especially, some small business was also affected. NOTE: *Just to be clear, the BLM Protesters are hugely different from the rioters and looters. authorities claim there were evidence that riots, and looting were instigated by infiltrators belonging to white supremacist groups who want to discredit the racial protests.

This was ironic
A reporter doing a live broadcast at Macy’s Flagship store
Macy’s Flagship store at 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan
This is the nearby Urban Outfitters just behind Macy’s
That’s a bullet hole
A store employee cleaning the vandalism on H&M store in 34th Street