I could have never imagined that New York City would be on a lockdown. A few months after New Year, the virus crept slowly on New York and it became the ground zero of the country averaging 1000 deaths per day. The Governor had no choice but to lock the city down. For the first time ever, New York streets became virtually empty in ways and manner which the world has never seen before. These are the photos I took during the three months that the city was in absolute lockdown. The city that never sleeps, slept.

A once bustling a busy subway station in Queens became deserted
Jamaica Avenue in Queens
The railroad viaduct along Lefferts Avenue in Kew Gardens, Queens
14th Street, one of the most busiest and traffic jammed street in Manhattan
6th Avenue in Greenwich Village with the Public Library and One WTC at the background
Bryant Park between 42nd and 40th Street in Midtown with the New York Public Library in the background
Time Square was empty
Broadway shows were all closed with Harry Potter and the cursed child in the background
The New York Times Headquarters across the Port Authority Building at 8th Avenue was equally quiet
Union Square which used to be bustling with activities was deserted
Park Avenue with Metlife Building at the end
The Meat Packing District
Wall Street
The New York Stock Exchange
5th Ave / Washington Square Park
The Oculus at World Trade Center
Roosevelt Island
The Queensborough Bridge
Madison Ave