This is Donald’s before and after Headshot. The most common myth about headshots is people believing that they don’t have what it takes to look good. It’s not true. People are born beautiful. You just have to tap the potential and get that confidence out of your shell. It’s basically 90% YOU and 10% the photographer. That remaining 10% should know what he is doing to make you look good. This is what I am here for. Your job is not to look good, that’s my job; that’s the 10%. Your job is to show up and give me your trust. Read more of Donald’s experience with me HERE

This is John, a theatre performer. He came to me already with simplicity and great looks. But according to him his common problem during headshots is his double chin. A good photographer knows how to find the right angle of his client. In his test shot, John’s double chin is prominent. But after 30 mins of finding, not really his angle but his confidence, we bagged the perfect shot. Without photo manipulation, his double chin is less prominent and noticeable. Read John’s testimony HERE

This is Nicole, a fashion executive. She came to me with her glasses and said she’s not really comfortable without the glasses. I convinced her just to try with and without glasses. After 30 mins this is what her final shot looked like. Big difference from her test shot. It’s not the camera that made her look good, it’s her confidence that made this shot standout. I am not only a photographer but also a coach. I coach people how to get out of their shell and gain self esteem. In this case, she wore her confidence not her glasses. Read Nicole’s testimony HERE

“Social media profiles with a good professional looking headshot has 21x more profile views, receive 36x more messages and 9x most likely to receive a connection request.” – Linkedin Profile Photo Tips

There is no such thing as ugly people, but only ugly perspective of themselves. Your job is not to make yourself look good. That is my job. Your job is to show up and give me your trust. After the session, you will not only feel better, but look better as well.”