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A young man in black shirt posing for a headshots NYC Professional Headshots near Queens and Brooklyn
Private Headshot studio in Queens

Headshots in Queens and Brooklyn

Rom Matibag Headshots New York has a private studio that accommodate clients in Queens and Brooklyn, including Manhattan NYC for their Headshots whether you need an actor headshot, model headshot, corporate headshot, business headshot or just simply LinkedIn headshot. No need to search for “headshots near me”. We are near you. If you cannot go to us, we go to you.

I don't just take photos


Meanwhile, I am not just a headshot photographer here in Queens and Brooklyn area who take photos. As a result, I build “Image”. Image and photos  are two different things. Anyone can take photos. But not all can build an Image. Building IMAGE is the premise of unique identity of the client. Your Image is who you are.

For instance, my headshot clients in Queens and Brooklyn and Manhattan comes in my studio nervous and with zero idea of what a headshot is. Consequently, I showed them what a headshot is. After that, they leave my studio with confidence and Image. You see, it’s not just photography, it is an IMAGE I build from you.

A young woman posing for a headshot in Queens and Brooklyn
A bearded young man in Queens and Brooklyn poses for his headshots
Rock Your Headshots in Queens and Brooklyn

Be a Rockstar

This is not just a marketing slogan. Anyone can rock their headshots even if you are from Queens or from Brooklyn. Looking good with a headshot is not exclusive with models and actors. In short, everyone can rock their headshots. Firstly because everyone is unique. and Secondly, everyone has the ability and capacity to pose with the camera. That is, with the right Headshot photographer.

The most perfect headshot is when you do not pretend or try to be someone else. Further more, the best headshot is when it is you. On the other hand, you are the Rockstar, the star of your own headshot and no one else. Do not let anyone take this from you. Be your own Rockstar.

Different rates and Options

Headshot Sessions in Queens and Brooklyn

I offer different sessions and flexible rates and options for different clients looking for Headshots and Portraits in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan area. That is to say, depending on their needs, the industry they belong to and what purpose of the headshot.

Included in my sessions are a one on one coaching techniques on how to best pose for the camera. In addition, we have new high end lighting and gears. And most of all, a private studio where you can be yourself without fear of being judged by onlookers.  

Standard Headshot

A black woman working as an IT have her headshots in Queens and Brooklyn taken


Premium Headshot

a journalist pose for the headshots in Queens and Brooklyn for the 10,000 Headshots


Executive Headshot

A real estate agent gladly poses for his headshots in Queen and Brooklyn during his session with the studio


Corporate Headshot

A young man wearing glasses from Queens and Brooklin having his headshot taken


12+ Years Pro Experience

Why Book Me?

With 12 plus years of professional photography experience spanning different cities where I worked including Wagga, Sydney, Los Angeles and now here in New York, my headshot studio has never let down any client. Therefore, as a result, meeting different kinds of people in all walks of life made it easy for me to connect with approachability. In short, my experience is my credentials.

Rom Matibag Headshots New York maintains a consistent high-quality standard for Headshot Photography set by the industry’s best Headshot Photographers. Therefore, I capture images in professional techniques, but adjust modifications based on the tailored and unique needs of my clientele without sacrificing or compromising quality.

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