For most of my 40-year life, I have not had very much confidence and self-esteem, especially when it comes to my looks. Not having been paid very many compliments during my time, I never really thought of myself as a handsome person whom people could admire and look up to, and as a result, I’ve led a fairly sheltered, low-visibility existence, both in the outside world and on social media. Then, one day, I happened to discover Rom Matibag and ROMP Studios on Facebook and, seeing this as the perfect opportunity for a little confidence booster, eagerly hired him to do my very first photo shoot.

My experience with Rom was nothing short of amazing and memorable. In addition to being a friendly, gracious, and patient person to work with, he is a very talented master of the art of photography, a man of vision, someone who knows how to emphasize the beauty of anything he captures in a picture. He picked the perfect places to shoot the photos, and he had me pose in the most emotive and artistic ways. When I saw the finished products of our collaboration, I was brought to tears. The photos came out incredible, and after posting them on my social media, I received a slew of compliments and a sudden surge of follows and friend requests.

To say that my work with Rom has made me feel better about myself is an understatement. He truly knew how to make me look good, and I will forever be indebted to him for what he and his talented handiwork have done for me.

Donald Durant Yotter, Hellertown, PA


“Rom was very professional and took he’s time to get the right photo.

Urszula Sidz, Interior Designer

“Rom was phenomenal to work with! He relaxed me from the get-go and got me to work past my own facial criticisms so he could get that perfect shot!”

Jon Brothers, Actor

“Rom was super professional. He took his time, was very kind and personable. My headshots came out great !”Rom was very professional and took he’s time to get the right photo.”

Moriah Glover, Actress

“Thank you Rom for doing an amazing job and making the experience so easy. The pictures are beautiful and I so appreciate you!”

Nicole Knable, Fashion Executive

“Rom was fantastic to work with. He made me feel comfortable so I looked more natural in my photos instead of stiff from my nervousness. I had so much fun working with Rom and hope to do so again in the future!”

Carmen Corzo, Events Planner