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New York City Wakes Up From Sleep
June 18, 2020

These were shots taken a week before NYC began its reopening. People were beginning to crowd the streets again and the city was returning to its previous vigor. Taken at Williamsburg Bridge while I was crossing the bridge by foot during the dusk of June 18, 2020. After three months of seeing NYC virtually empty, it was fascinating to watch how the city began to enliven itself once again. New York City's life blood is in its people.

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New York City Plagued By Looters
June 2, 2020

Less than a week of the BLM protest, news outlet broke the news that there were riots and lootings going on all over the country. New York was not spared. The night of June 1st, the first looting began in Brooklyn and later in Manhattan. On my way to work, early morning the next day, I stopped by midtown to personally witness the aftermath of the incident. At this point, lockdown was still in place and NYC is still weeks before the re-opening. It ...

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A salute to the heroes of New York City during the pandemic
April 28, 2020

At the Height of the Pandemic, New York City has become the ground zero of the US COVID-19 crisis, saturating hospital systems with patients and stretching the city's resources. As PPEs and masks became scarce, the manpower did not. So, New York adopted the pandemic tradition from Italy and Spain, of thanking the first responders and health care workers for their effort to save lives, while putting their very own at risk. As a healthcare worker my...

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The New Normal: Life During The Pandemic
April 8, 2020

It was only a week before the Governor announced the first case of COVID-19 19 in Manhattan that I last watched a movie at the cinema. The changes in lifestyle came swift. What I thought was temporary was a long-term change that would have an impact everyone on the planet. While some countries were successful in coping with the pandemic, NYC at that time was just starting to grapple with the crisis and was beginning to see the rise of cases. This ...

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And the City that never sleeps, SLEPT: Photos of New York City on Lockdown
March 22, 2020

I could have never imagined that New York City would be on a lockdown. A few months after New Year, the virus crept slowly on New York and it became the ground zero of the country averaging 1000 deaths per day. The Governor had no choice but to lock the city down. For the first time ever, New York streets became virtually empty in ways and manner which the world has never seen before. These are the photos I took during the three months that the ci...

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First glimpse of the year 2020
January 3, 2020

I have high hopes for the coming year, so much so I woke early to take photos of the first sunrise of 2020. The night before I celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends and family, hoping for a prosperous and peaceful coming year. The next day, as I was waiting hopefully at the Brooklyn Bridge, the sun never showed up. Only to realize later this year that it was a preview of what is to come, gloomy and dark year ahead. The first glimpse of light o...

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