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Photographing The American Flag
July 4, 2021

One of my most favorite subject whenever I travel within or outside New York City is the American Flag. I don't know what it is in me, but I can't help pointing my camera to the Star Spangled Banner and shoot whenever I see it. It's like an automatic reflex. There is something in the flag that is outright majestic and at the same time reverent. In my years of being a photographer I have seen so many ways how the American Flag is flown, waved, ...

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Rom Matibag Photography New York just opened it's Modest Photography Studio To Its CLients
February 28, 2021

After two months of re-painting and renovation on this adjacent unit on my apartment building, I just opened my small and modest private studio for my photography clients. I used to dream and wish about this a couple of years ago. I never imagined I would be able to put up my own studio. Although I enjoyed renovating this small room, but it was never easy. It was a tough job to handle. The unit wasn't in good condition when I got it. I spe...

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New Yorkers Celebrate Biden Win
November 17, 2020

It was on morning of Saturday, November 7, when I was to cover this peaceful march for democracy in Columbus Circle. I was prepping up my gear when Wolf Blitzer of CNN called the Presidential Election for Joe Biden. Immediately every news network were showing New Yorkers celebrating on the streets. My twitter feed was exploding with videos of neighborhoods in Manhattan applauding and clanging their pots and pans in high rise condos reminiscent of ...

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New York Is Not A Ghost Town
October 31, 2020

During the final Presidential Debate last October 22, 2020, Donald Trump just made a false claim that New York City is a ghost town and people are leaving in droves. This was hysterically false and inaccurate. New York City's infection rate has always stayed below 1.5% throughout the summer up to this writing. There were clusters of outbreaks in some neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but they were managed right away, and cases are going down. Last Saturd...

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VIDEO: Photographers’ ‘10,000 Headshots’ Initiative Offers Free Headshots to Unemployed During Pandemic
October 18, 2020

I had an interview last year during the 10,000 Headshots by the Currents News Team on site of our 10,000 Headshot Location. Let me quote on their news article and video spiel: "Rom Matibag knows what it’s like to be without a job, which is why he’s joined the the "10,000 Headshots" initiative and is taking professional headshots for free for people who are unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic." From an original article on "Currents ...

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Look Good, Feel Good: Former Seminarian Uses Photography Skills to Help Unemployed New Yorkers During Pandemic
October 18, 2020

Photographer Rom Matibag steps out from behind the camera at the 10,000 Headshots photo initiative, held in Midtown Manhattan on July 22. (Photo: Erin DeGregorio) Former Seminarian Uses Photography Skills to Help Unemployed New Yorkers By Erin DeGregorio MANHATTAN — On July 22, Richmond Hill resident Rom Matibag used his talents to help out-of-work New Yorkers during the nationwide 10,000 Headshots photo initiative by Headshot B...

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Photographer’s ‘10,000 Headshots’ initiative offers free headshots to unemployed during pandemic
October 18, 2020

By Jessica Easthope The coronavirus pandemic has left an estimated one and a half million New Yorkers out of a job. But some feel they’re still not out of that big city luck, and that maybe a headshot could give them the head start they need to get back to business. “We don’t only uplift their chances and their hopes for employment, but also the spirit that they lost during the pandemic,” said Rom Matibag, the CEO of Romp Studios. Rom...

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The New York Comic Con of 2019: The Pre-Pandemic Comic Con Experience
September 21, 2020

By now you know that the 2020 New York Comic Con is cancelled due to the Pandemic. But before the Covid-19 disaster, I was able to attend for the first time this geek fest in New York City. It was my first time to attend the New York Comic Con at Javits center last October 2019 and it wasn't short of its awesomeness. New York Comic Coon has its own charisma and culture, one that is undeniably strong is that, it is in New York City, the old Gotham...

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Making it to the 10,000 Headshots Initiative
July 23, 2020

As you all know, I was a part of this nationwide initiative known as 10,000 Head Shots last July 22, 2020 where 200 professional photographers simultaneously gave America a nationwide free head shots to all unemployed Americans who were affected by the Pandemic. It was not that easy from the application process down to the actual event because it was like a challenge of some sort, like survivor or something. But at the end of the day it was fulfil...

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New York City Wakes Up From Sleep
June 18, 2020

These were shots taken a week before NYC began its reopening. People were beginning to crowd the streets again and the city was returning to its previous vigor. Taken at Williamsburg Bridge while I was crossing the bridge by foot during the dusk of June 18, 2020. After three months of seeing NYC virtually empty, it was fascinating to watch how the city began to enliven itself once again. New York City's life blood is in its people.

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New York City Plagued By Looters
June 2, 2020

Less than a week of the BLM protest, news outlet broke the news that there were riots and lootings going on all over the country. New York was not spared. The night of June 1st, the first looting began in Brooklyn and later in Manhattan. On my way to work, early morning the next day, I stopped by midtown to personally witness the aftermath of the incident. At this point, lockdown was still in place and NYC is still weeks before the re-opening. It ...

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