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Meet Rom Matibag

Headshot and Portrait Photographer in NYC

Rom is a Professional NYC Headshots photographer who also dabbles in web design, graphics design and desktop publishing. He is also a professional blogger and an amateur songwriter. He previously worked for IBM and Nestle and studied Catholic Theology while attending the Seminary. He lived in Australia for several years where he honed his training in Photography, Marketing and Digital Publishing, as an in-house photographer, archivist and graphic designer while studying. He worked in e-commerce vending and product photography in Los Angeles. He moved to New York to become a professional photographer and later established his own photography studio in Queens. Rom also holds a Bachelors degree in Nursing and Philosophy. He was part of the 10,000 Headshots initiative back in July 2020 and is currently a member of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew. He currently blogs in his The Romp Blog.

Reasons Why Clients Prefer Rom


more than a decade of professional photo shooting and taking photos


puts every work in high quality standards and strict attention to details


never runs out of ideas and makes every session fun and exciting


puts his multidisciplinary work experience in multimedia into application


not overpriced and always make sure that clients have their money’s worth


coaches clients thoroughly on how to have that confidence in front of the camera


photos are delivered to clients promptly and in the highest quality possible


listens to his clients concerns and communicates with them professionally

Other Skills


Well versed in Photoshop used in photo editing and graphic designing


Highly skilled in Lightroom and post production


Excellence in photo retouching and editing

Video Editing

Makes music videos and video presentation with ease

Further more...

Rom considers himself as an artist. He explores different avenues of art expression. His Headshots are just part and parcel of his artistry. He has a collection of Australian landscapes in his portfolio which he shot while living and studying down under for several years. He is also a collector and hobbyist who, on his free time collects toys and pop culture collectibles and dabbles in wildlife photography. He once won a Photography contest in Australia using only a point and shoot camera. He was able to explore all sorts of Photography niches while in Australia and in Los Angeles, due mostly to his work as an in-house photographer. But it is in New York, when he met Peter Hurley in one of the  conferences he attended, that he decided he would specialize in Headshots and Portraits Photography. Rom loves taking photos of people’s faces because it expresses the theological and philosophical concept he holds about the likeness of man’s image of the Divine. He sees every subject of his photography as an image of a higher being, therefore all is beautiful and unique in their own beautiful way.

Rom's Interview during the 10,000 Headshot Initiative last July 2020

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